Countryside YMCA

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What does your organization do?
The Y is a leading nonprofit committed to strengthening communities through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. Countryside YMCA, one of the largest in the world, specifically focuses on serving the people in Warren County.

Who are your customers?
Our members include families, adults, young adults, youth and seniors who are interested in health, family, and community.

What is your role within the company?
I am the Marketing Specialist, and my role is to market for new members as well as to ensure all marketing materials adhere to Y-USA national brand standards.

What results (business growth, awareness, other benefits) have you seen as a result of working with DigitalBG?
Working with DigitalBG has impacted our business in several ways. First, they were instrumental in the development and implementation of our current website, designed to meet Y-USA national brand standards and be user friendly. Second, they were instrumental in educating us about Google Grants for non-porfits and in setting up our Google Grants account which allows us to run ads on Google for free. In 2014 we had an increase of 5.41% in overall pageviews.

Working with DigitalBG has been great! Our website has been so easy to change with the fast-changing technology times. DigitalBG has helped our customer to search better for registration. DigitalBG integrated our to download to our website every 2 hours along with an additional download option that makes creating the catalog easy. This was not a simply tasks as our database company is extremely hard to work with; however, DigitalBG made is happen with ease.

How were you introduced to DigitalBG?
I started working at the Y in 2010, and DigitalBG was already a business partner of the Y, and had been for many years. I was impressed with Doug and his work ethic and have kept the relationship in place.

How long have you worked with DigitalBG?
Since 2007.

Why do you work with DigitalBG?
DigitalBG is great to work with, very easy to contact, very understanding of our customer demands (knows the business) and we get results very quickly. I am very satisfied with DigitalBG and I would recommend services to anyone shopping.

I like the customer service the best, it's top notch!

What do you like about DBG?
I am very appreciative of the level of personal service. Requests are promptly addressed, sometimes immediately. There is never a hesitation about tackling an obstacle or finding a solution and as a non-tech person I really appreciate that. DigitalBG has also been very willing to provide training for staff when needed.

DigitalBG treats all our projects as though we are VIPs. Every request has that personal touch. DigitalBG is very easy to work with and very flexible. And most important, I feel like DigitalBG listens and understands the needs we have.

What makes DBG different?
I think DigitalBG provides a level of personal service that is a huge value add. I feel like they care about me and the Y, and I believe they want the best for us. I appreciate feeling like they are a partner in our work, and not just a vendor we hired.