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What does your organization do?
We're a US Manufacturer of School and Office Furniture – specifically visual communication products.

Who are your customers?
We sell to schools, businesses, the government. We sell primarily through dealers.

What is your role within the company?
Marketing Manager

What results (business growth, awareness, other benefits) have you seen as a result of working with DBG?
Our company has transformed greatly in the time that we've worked with DBG. The team at DBG was there for us as we went through a re-brand and has helped us craft the story we share with our customers. We've drastically changed our appearance to our customers and are now often considered on the leading edge of web presences in our category.

How were you introduced to DBG?
We started with a redesign of a single site and blossomed into DBG managing all our corporate and brand sites.

How long have you worked with DBG?
6+ years

Why do you work with DBG?
Many reasons. Responsiveness. Integrity. Flexibility. Proximity. The team at DBG is a great fit for our culture. They are always willing to look at solving problems different ways and are an organization we can count on.

What do you like about DBG?
Many of the reasons listed above. We also appreciate Doug's personality and the opportunity to solve problems together.

What makes DBG different?
I truly get a feeling that DBG cares about our long term goals and wants to help us solve them. My experience with other companies like DBG is that they are always trying to sell you something, or over promise and under deliver. That couldn't be further from the truth with DBG.