Mars Hill Academy

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What does your organization do?
Mars Hill Academy ( is a K-12 classical and Christian school located in Mason, Ohio. Our Mission Statement: Mars Hill Academy exists to assist parents in the duty of conventional training of their children by offering academic instruction from a consistent, integrated Christian perspective, by equipping our students to learn for themselves using the proven classical method, and by providing them with an orderly and engaging atmosphere conducive to the attainment of our goals.

Who are your customers?
Parents of (K-12) school-aged children.

What is your role within the company?
I am the Advancement Director for Mars Hill Academy. I manage many of the non-academic competencies of the school including marketing, advertising, communications, public and media relations, fundraising, community outreach, and service activities.

What results (business growth, awareness, other benefits) have you seen as a result of working with DBG?
Thanks in part to DGB our school is better known throughout greater Cincinnati and our student population has grown by 16% in three years.

How were you introduced to DBG?
In 2012 we made a region-wide search for a marketing partner that shared our spiritual and business values and eventually selected DBG through an interview process.

How long have you worked with DBG?
Since 2012.

Why do you work with DBG?
DBG is highly responsive, detail-focused, creative, and affordable.

What do you like about DBG?
In addition to the aforementioned, DBG shares our spiritual and business values, always makes us feel like we're their biggest and best customer, and quickly meets our digital needs.